Filming VarWild: Boloria dia

Life cycle of butterflies in Provence

The Violet Fritillary (Boloria dia)

The Violet Fritillary or Weaver’s Fritillary (Boloria dia Linnaeus, 1767) flies in three generations between mid-March and September. It is very localized in the lower Mediterranean region, and can be seen in mesospheric meadows, dry grasslands with dense herbaceous vegetation and on the edges of light woods, and does not inhabit calcareous biotopes. The males regularly fly over their territory, just above the vegetation, in search of females. Once fertilized, the female deposits her eggs separately on or near the Violets, up to 50 cm above the ground. The incubation of the egg lasts 15 days. The caterpillar immediately starts looking for Violet's. Caterpillars of the 3rd generation overwinter in their third or fourth larval stage and complete their growth in the following spring. The opening of forest paths and clearings allow the colonization by different species of Violets and are favoured the Violet Fritillary.

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